Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Leaders of tomorrow

In the globalized world our reference point is not our neighbor, but the whole of society. 

We cannot benchmark on the next person´s opinion anymore, but increasingly, only on our individual ethics. 

Successfully implementing personal values when thinking on a holistic, global scale will determine the leaders of tomorrow.

I am collaborating with my brother on this very unique post about stuff we are not okay with. Here are his thoughts expressed with great words and clarity. Could´t agree more.

I feel like we are losing the war on idiocy. we are fighting global warming while car industries cheat pollution tests. we are fighting oppression by subjugating people. we are fighting prejudice by not listening to others. We are fighting for heaven by bringing hell on earth.

Groups of ignorant, narrow minded people bombing people on the basis of the sad illusion we call "religious extremism".

Every time someone decides to voice his own extremist hate against another human being through any form of violence, he is not destroying an enemy, he is destroying everyone, including himself. The only enemy worth fighting is not out there, somewhere, offending our world view, it is in our own heads, giving us such a pitiful and limited world view in the first place.

Terrorism is not only extremely sad because of the people who die. It is sad, because it means that we are not ready to be united in the face of the real threats that loom closer every day on our very species and human civilization. Global warming, epidemics, energy and food depletion, pollution - we can't act against any of these the way we are now.
Soon we will regret having chosen to kill each other because of petty fairy tales instead of taking action when the time was right (or I should say overdue).

Think we are doing a damn good job? Think again, there is a lot of work to do.

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