Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mesh Printing in 12 Steps - with drawings!

We posted a video of how we print on things like tote bags and t-shirts using screens, it got quite some attention and nice feedback. Screen printing is super easy and fun, anyone can try at home. 

There are different types of screen printing - which is the same as saying mesh printing. Using a stencil is the easiest way, using photographic emulsion screen printing (which is how we do at Steamy Chums) needs a bit more gear.   I will show you how to do both methods.

We make our prints at Mesh Print Club in Rotterdam, which is an awesome lab, and I invite anyone in the area to try one of their courses. Find them here:

Photo-emulsion Mesh Printing in 12 Steps:

If you just want to mesh or screen print, prepare a stencil and jump from step 2 to step 10 of this article. Use stencils if you just need a few items to be printed, and if your design is simple, with big fills and wide lines.

If you want to use photo-emulsion print, stay with me here. Why use photo-emulsion prints? Because they are more precise, allow for more detail and can be used for as much as needed without breaking apart. Cardboard or paper stencils that get wet with paint break apart very fast, and fine lines are difficult to print.

Now we go to the big machines. You can of course figure this out at home, but I suggest to find a lab where you can use dedicated tools.

* Catch up here if you want to use a normal stencil instead of one made with photographic emulsion. *

Here's the whole process in one image, open in new tab to enlarge.

 Sounds fun? It is! Here are some process pics.

Placing the screen in the vacuum machine.

Washing off the emulsion that hasn't been impressed because it was covered by the artwork.
Printing at the Mesh Print Club.
And printing at home.
Our homemade Steamy Chums T-shirts! Soon on our online store.

Een video die is geplaatst door mira conci (@steamychums) op

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