Sunday, October 19, 2014

Urban Makers - big ideas, tiny apartments

Picture this: you live in the city center, your budget is squeezed, and you love creating things. Handcraft, DIY, bricolage, arts and crafts, tinkering, you name it. You want it all - but you live in a one bedroom apartment. Together with your partner. You're an Urban Maker.

This is our situation here at Steamy Chums Home Lab. We make resin toys and architecture models, sometimes furniture. We started in a very organized, efficient way and packed everything neatly and clean in a vintage cabinet bought on purpose. Already 2 square meters of our precious 15 square meters each were gone, devoted to the inner monster who wants to MAKE THINGS. 

Poor fools. As soon as you give space to your inner monster, he's going to want more. MORE.

Now we have tools all over the place. But our friends are cool with it.

They want to be nice and are very comprehensive.

We'll see when we get that milling machine we want.

For now it's ok. Most times.

After all, Urban Makers are just like any other people.

Urban Makers girls love shopping. Especially for things they already have.

They bitch if people touch their favorite things. Especially if they're fragile.

They fight with their mother when she comes visit, while she just wants to give a hand.

I mean, how many times have I told her...

Urban Makers are asked the same embarrassing questions as any other young couple.


They have to deal with Murphy's Law anyway. 

For example, no matter how many of the same basic item you have, the one you'll need is always missing.

You might be a master of advanced technologies, but your kitchen appliances will still let you down.

And no matter how cool you feel creating chemical reactions, you'd better tidy up afterwards.

Thanks for reading ;)


  1. "when i grow up, i want to be an urban maker!"
    this made my day, keep up the updates! :D